Unlimited potential for a variety of applications backed by leading industry materials.

Award Winning Products Driven By Proud Family Traditions


Worlwide Surfaces is a family business that remains commited to delivering world class cabinetry and interior products for the home builder, supply and construction industry.

The companies legacy began with Mr. Stockhausen who devoted decades of hard-work to realize his vision of becoming a leader in the wholesale industry.

Today, his son David owns and operates Worldwide Surfaces under the same principles of hard-work and continues to increase the success of the business through modern innovation while strengthening client relationships and expanding product offerings to the market.

About Worldwide Surfaces

Worldwide Surfaces, Inc

                 Your World Class Product Supplier

The leading name in quality direct interior resources . 


At Worldwide Surfaces, our goal is to help you achieve the interior look and feel that meets your vision.  Our company has over 50 years of industry experience to support the needs of our clients. As a premier US agent for all production lines and  national distribution capability, from small order to large scale projects, we can deliver the results required.  Having already received recognition for the US agent offering the most product lines, Worldwide Surfaces strives to provide quality products and excellent service to their clients. 

World Wide Surfaces has four locations in Miami and Tampa, Florida, Springield, Va.,and Atlanta, Georgia. Our products have ISO 9001 certificates and are a perfect fit for distributors and original equipment manufacturers in the furniture and cabinet industry.

Company Profile

A Family Tradition

Worldwide Surfaces , Inc


Founded: 1970

Owner: David Stockhausen

UF Business Graduate

Certifications: ISO 9000 certified